Step 1: Body Position. You have to work up to it step-by-step. Naturally, leaving it to the pros is the best way to ensure your child is learning to swim correctly and safely, but there are steps you can take to teach them this life-skill on your own: 1.Set up a schedule of short lessons. It gives you both an aerobic workout and strength building in body parts such as the arms, legs, and core. The front crawl requires you to flutter kick your feet while reaching forward with alternating strokes. If you are a beginner swimmer or thinking about joining a team, you may be wondering how to improve your swimming skills. The novice swimmer has a number of challenges to overcome. But if you stay the course and take it step by step, before long you'll be doing laps in the pool. One of the first steps is learning how to do freestyle. Most kids won’t put their face in the water at first. Body position when swimming the buttefly (file photo credit: Wong Chek Poh/SportSG) Step 3: Breathing Technique Breathing can be challenging as it has to be timed and completed quickly. Unlike ‘doggy paddling’, the breaststroke technique is not a naturally inborn sequence of movements – so the intervals between the swimming lessons should not be too long. But if you stay the course and take it step by step, before long you'll be doing laps in the pool. Whether you are swimming for relaxation or a competition, Swimming is demanding. Follow these 4 steps to learn how to swim and refine your front crawl swimming technique. Stand up as in exercise # 7, where your toes are on the edge of the pool, the body is bent slightly, and gently bend the legs to the area that your flexibility allows. Basic of how to swim, step by step Swimming may be considered to be the most incredible total body workout for individuals at any fitness level. If you are comfortable in a swimming pool, can hold your breath underwater, and you want to learn how to swim freestyle (you might also call it front crawl) you have come to the right place. Swimming requires the body to be on a horizontal level in the pool. This is a step-by-step guide to help you teach yourself how to swim basic freestyle. Keep your body flat, lie facing down in the water with your body kept in line with the water surface. Swimming works the muscle with less strain on the joints, eating the right amount of food before a swim makes the process comfortable and fun. If you're a beginner, our plan will keep you from flailing about like you're being attacked by piranhas. Diving in a pool step 9-Diving in a dolphin motion and continuing to swim with 3 strokes. Work on each step until you are comfortable, then move to the next step. Phelps and swimming guru Terry Laughlin, president of the New York-based swimming think tank Total Immersion (, helped us put together a step-by-step swimming workout guide to leaving your lanemates behind. The key to success is a step-by-step, systematic approach. Step 2: Arm Movement If you’re not attending lessons, it makes sense to set up a timetable of swimming sessions for your child. Make a splash and learn how to improve your freestyle stroke with these step-by-step swimming tips. The correct time to take a breath is during the start of the recovery phase when the arms are just starting to come out of the water.
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