Our most common questions are answered right here.

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Q: How often are the art shows going to happen?

A: We are really trying to do one show per month but that may change depending on the artists and the amount of time we can dedicate. Currently we have shows booked and ready through the end of 2016 and even a few for 2017. You can check out our calendar of events.

Q: How can I help?

A: Since we are part of the community we need people to visit us and or partake in the fun activities. If you’re an artist or know one send us an email and include a link to a portfolio of recent work. Adding more great people is the ultimate goal.

Q: Do you have open hours?

A: We are open for appointments only but we will always be open for our shows so stop in and you may find one of us chatting away.

Q: If I want to show my work at your space what does it cost?

A: Currently we don’t charge anything unless you need something special for your show, but we do take a percentage off the top to cover space rental and credit card fees. How much? We are trying to set the bar and tell other spaces that they don’t deserve 30% of your hard work, because honestly they don’t. We are only taking 20% from all credit card sales and 15% for cash sales. No rental fee, no hidden nothing.

Q: What else is your space used for?

A: Our space is also a studio for a few very gifted photographers and with the natural lighting and photography equipment available it’s a great space to take some awesome photos.

Q: What do you charge for studio rental?

A: We are offering the use of the main area for $50 per hour or $120 for a 3 hour block. If you’re interested please contact us.

Q: What is included with a studio rental?

A: We will have access to a selection of lighting gear but it would be best to bring everything you need and setup before your shoot. We do have wifi available and a clean bathroom.

Q: What are your favorite snack?

A: Bring us a bag of peanut butter M&Ms and we may become best friends.