a heinous action. Ogah, who made the claim while addressing journalists in Abakaliki, the Ebonyi State capital, over the […] Top Rated Plus. – Akpan, Ntieyong U. The present difficulties started when early last year [1968] Nigeria, on the advice of Whitehall, suddenly decided on its wicked and diabolical plan to dispossess our people of their wealth by means of the notorious currency switch. The second coup was successful, and resulted in northern officers taking control of the country and forming a new government – led by General Gowon. I still have them with me. (This occurrence being due to insufficient Biafran notes being delivered to replace the Nigerian currency, which had been extracted from circulation.). (These were also the colours of the Biafran flag – three horizontal bars of red, black, and green, with the rising sun in the centre of the black band). Le nom Biafra vient du golfe du Biafra situé au sud, sur la côte atlantique, lui-même nommé daprès le nom  Biafara  de la capitale d'un État resté mystérieux mais localisé par les marins portugais au XVe siècle en retrait de la côte, entre l'ancien royaume du Bénin et le Loango. – Pick Publishing Corporation (1971) Pick’s Currency Year Book – 1970, New York. That means naira was 3.1% stronger than the dollar, given that it exchanged at 485 on Wednesday. While the continued acceptance of old Nigerian notes encouraged the continued activities by smugglers, by January 1969 the old Nigerian Pound had become almost unacceptable on the black market, worth only the merest fraction of its face value. MA to MZ  (except MI & MO)      24 million, NA to NR  (except NI & NO)      16 million, 10s. Biafra Bank Newly Open In USA + Biafra Currency Will Have Same Value With US Dollar -World Bank The notes were reported to be on transfer from the Banque Populaire Suisse in Basle to a bank in Ibadan (in Nigeria), but were handed over to the Nigerian government by the Togolese authorities. However, the first numeral in the serial number for all notes of the second issue is always zero. Another discrepancy in official versions lies in the date of the declaration whereby Nigerian notes were no longer to be legal tender. With these two decrees the financial framework of the Bank of Biafra was established, but there was still a more important problem to be faced – that of financing the war. Anonymous75012 | 15/03 2017 13:39 1 baifran pound Positive: 50 %. When the Nigerians announced that they would no longer redeem bank notes exported from Nigeria after August 1967, the Biafrans worked quickly to gather bank notes remaining in circulation so that they could be converted into precious foreign exchange. The massacres, not surprisingly, created much fear amongst the Ibos living outside the Eastern Region, and in the weeks following the massacres (September 1966) some two million Ibos gave up their homes and businesses to seek refuge in their eastern homelands. recent questions recent answers. The postage stamps were reportedly released on 5 February 1968 (which varies by a week from the date announced by Ojukwu of 29 January) and it would not be difficult to conjecture that the postage stamps and the bank notes were printed by the same printer for release at the same time. Given this atmosphere, one could imagine what a shock and a blow it was to Obasanjo that lo and behold, the Biafran currency is still in circulation in parts of some West African countries, and by one account, in a community in New York also. Beresiner and Narbeth (in The Story of Paper Money) claim that the notes were printed in Portugal and Switzerland, and this seems to be a reasonable proposition. Example: A search for "1 franc" is more precise than 1 franc. Because the notes are very common there is a tendency amongst collectors to ignore them. However in the case of the individual no more than £10 of the £30 could be made up with Biafran notes and in the case of the commercial enterprises the limit was £100. The two letter serial number were followed by a seven digit number. Adeboye said, “During our first Convention here at the Redemption Camp, I was bold, I asked everybody to come, free feeding. So next time you come across one of these notes, don’t reject them out of hand – collecting bank notes doesn’t have to revolve around scarce notes, and this series proves that cheap notes can be just as intriguing as their expensive counterparts. DAILY POST reports that this development is … During the war, a number of international relief agencies were delivering food and medicine to the war-ravaged Republic. It is both bigger than the us dollar and pound, it is recognized in the world bank reserve but not yet as a legal tender. Whatever the exact date of issue, the quote above does show that, following Nigeria’s announcement of their new note issue, Biafra continued to collect as many Nigerian notes as possible before the notes could no longer be redeemed. The shield contains the rising sun, plus three manillas linked together over an area divided into three parts, which are properly coloured red, black, and green. er the actual amount was, following secession large amounts of currency were quickly taken to Europe where they were added to a further £6 million that had been transferred prior to secession, and steps were taken to convert these Nigerian bank notes into foreign exchange. There were of course many stories of enterprising Nigerians who were buying the Biafran holdings in Europe at a discounted rate, and shipping them back to Nigeria where their full value could be obtained. Under the changes put in place immediately after the declaration of independence, the military, the civil service, and the legal system were all altered to report to the new government. In his ‘Diary of Events’ Gen. Ojukwu makes the following entry: ‘August 13 [1968]: The Hank Wharton Plot, hatched by British government and American CIA to sabotage Biafra and help Nigeria to carry through her ‘final thrust’ into Biafran heartland. – The coat of arms used by Biafra was derived from the coat of arms granted to the Eastern Region of Nigeria in 1960. Of course the shortage of money was not due simply to the loss of the notes carried by Wharton’s plane, it was due mainly to the near-total withdrawal of Nigerian notes without the Biafran substitute being available. The 2017 tax cut cost $1.5 trillion, blowing the deficit past the trillion dollar mark this year. Another of Wharton’s planes had been destroyed mysteriously in Bissau (in Portuguese Guinea) shortly before this, and another had been impounded in Athens, leading the Biafrans to believe th! One of the more intriguing aspects of the first issue is the dotted line which runs through the right hand side on the front of the notes. – Niven, Rex (1970) The War of Nigerian Unity 1967-1970, Evans Brothers (Nigeria Publishers) Ltd, Lagos. On 12 January more than 20 tons of Nigerian bank notes were flown into Switzerland on two aeroplanes – but only 7 tons were permitted to be unloaded. However, yet another estimate stated that £30 million were circulating in Biafra at the point of secession, with further reserves of £40 million being held in the bank vaults of the Central Bank in Enugu and Port Harcourt. s got ‘burnt’, as the Central bank decided that there would be no exchange of Biafran currency for Nigerian currency, deciding instead to pay a flat rate of twenty Nigerian pounds to each depositor of Biafran or old Nigerian currency with the Central Bank. They are out breeders, an artifact of their conversion to Christianity. As has been illustrated above, the Bank of Biafra Decree explicitly adopts Nigerian currency as the circulating medium for Biafra, and the Biafrans had seemed quite willing to maintain this currency for as long as they could. Historian argued that it might be one of the factors while British was angry with Ojukwu to name an African State currency Pounds. Africa; Sport; Nigeria; World News; Politics; Opinions; Gallery; World News At the end of the civil war there was a critical shortage of the new Nigerian currency, which retarded efforts to replace the currency in circulation in the east. Nearly all bank notes are printed on paper which does not fluoresce under ultra-violet light, and the use of fluorescing paper for these notes points very much to it being an emergency issue. There were only two denominations in the first issue (five shillings and one pound), and according to Dr. Okigbo in his statement of 1 February the reason for this was the desire for the Biafrans to deflate their economy – although the reality would appear to be insufficient planning. Security printers usually use paper, particularly paper with high linen and cotton content, which is not treated in such a manner.). Tons of new Biafran currency are dumped into the sea, to create artificial scarcity in the Republic.’ (Ojukwu, 1969). What is a 1 pound Biafran note worth in US Dollars? Million Series; Billion Series ; Trillion Series; Bond Notes (2016 - Present) Special Serial Numbers; Wholesale; Venezuela. A series of coins was issued in 1969; 3 pence, 6 pence, 1 shilling and 2½ shilling coins were minted, all made of aluminium. Global asset markets have come off the boil, and many market narratives are talking about the good news on Covid vaccines and the clearing political picture in the U.S. having been "priced in." Many impatient people surrendered their Biafran notes to speculators who were purchasing them at fifty Biafran pounds to one Nigerian pound. (Most types of paper have a high timber pulp content, and are treated with agents which brighten the paper and produce a surface which fluoresces under ultra-violet light. The headquarters of the Bank of Biafra were known to be located in Port Harcourt in early 1968, but the town fell to federal troops on 19 May of that year, and the headquarters of the Bank were probably relocated several times due to the fluctuating fortunes of the Republic. at Wharton had been ‘got at’ by the CIA and the British (who were also working amongst African nations in an effort to stop assistance to the struggling republic). Remainders are available only for the second series (with the apparent exception of the 10-shilling note which has not been positively recorded), and can be recognised by the lack of serial numbers – which are to be found (if present) in the top right and bottom left on the front of the notes. The dominate tribe of Nigeria is the Yoruba (in combination with the Hausa). Rumours as to what value the Central Bank of Nigeria would place on the Biafran notes became widespread, with many believing one rumour that twenty Biafran pounds would be given the value of one Nigerian pound. To make matters worse, one Biafran pound is worth 280 Naira! Notes from the missing cache of one pound notes from Benin started appearing in Lagos in October (just two months after they had been seized) and doubt remains as to wh! – Europa Year Book (1968) Europa Publications, London. There are people crossing the border and selling things. In an effort to take firm control of the country, General Ironsi was appointed by the Nigerian cabinet to head a federal military government. Moreover, he was commissioned to take part in a plan to assassinate Ojukwu and topple the Biafran regime – a plan that was later uncovered and which cost Banjo his life. The Nigerian Civil War (also known as the Biafran War, Biafran Genocide and the Nigerian-Biafran War) was a civil war in Nigeria fought between the government of Nigeria headed by General Yakubu Gowon and the secessionist state of Biafra led by late Lt. At first it appears to be a ‘Morse code’ security thread, but the marks are in fact printed on the front of the notes. Many collectors will be familiar with the events of the Nigerian civil war, and equally there will be many younger collectors who have little or no memory of the events. Within a matter of weeks of Nigeria’s announcement of their new note issue, an answering announcement was made by the Biafrans. During the war Biafra reported terrific atrocities by the Nigerians against her people, and reports of starvation which cost hundreds of thousands of Biafran lives became widespread. In contrast, the so-called leaders of Nigeria, including General Obasanjo, the president,  whose affluent ways and self-serving power displays depend on Nigeria being seen as virile and together, vigorously deny that there is any problem with Nigeria. No monetary fee to join In addition to the notes that circulated in Biafra, and those which were dumped into the sea (first series), there were also thousands of undelivered notes that survived the war. Two days earlier an aeroplane carrying £7 million of Nigerian currency was seized at Lomé in Togo. Well today things have changed and Ojukwu is now late if Biafra gain their independence from Nigeria in the near future what will their … The peoples living in Nigeria are looking forward to the SNC as the only genuine and serious conference that could solve the problem that is Nigeria. The two notes of the first series have a common front, although they are different sizes and different colours. The official exchange rate at the beginning of 1968 was one Nigerian pound to one pound three shillings and four pence sterling – making the Rothschild offer approximately half its real value.) One of the first institutions to be created by the republican government was the Bank of Biafra, which was accomplished under ‘Decree No. Use a dash to exclude the coins matching with a word or expression. Keep in mind that MASSOB is a non-violent organization. With such an interesting attempt at ‘micro printing’ it would be pleasing to know where the notes were printed, but the printer of each issue is a mystery. ‘The question of central banking and coinage is something which must be very carefully looked into. 6 bids. Biafra was an Igbo enterprise, who are a remarkable people. Unfortunately he was later to suffer a problem far removed from the over-issue he suspected Nigeria of planning – he was to face empty bank vaults and the lack of a circulating medium. The first notes denominated in 5 shillings and £1 were introduced on January 29, 1968. To purchase military equipment on the open market, Biafra had to have foreign exchange, and the efforts of the Biafrans to obtain this foreign exchange were quite exhaustive and quite varied. Several years later, in 1963, Nigeria became a republic, but it was being plagued by power struggles; and, like so many modern African nations, these power struggles centred around ethnic groups. MASSOB property is brazenly breached and destroyed by the these brutal operatives. Fuertes 2007 - 2018; Soberanos 2019 - Present; Wholesale; New Arrivals; Iraq. In August of that year, just after war had broken out, the Biafrans made a bold assault on the Mid-West region, and meeting little opposition moved to within 120 miles of Lagos. Biafra Referendum must surely come as Nnamdi Knau and all the IPOB members are looking forward to the next meeting with the EU, US, and UN for the Biafra announcement. New currency was introduced. It appeared on their flag, their coins and bank notes, on military insignia, and it gave rise to the title of their national anthem, Land of the Rising Sun. C $408.59; Buy It Now; Free Shipping ; From Singapore; Nigeria Biafra 10 shillings 1968 Palm Tree on Raising Sun P4 UNC. Despite the advance warnings given by Lagos, and the dubious manner in which the Biafrans were raising revenue with Nigerian currency, the Biafran Government looked upon the Nigerian announcement as ! Aside devaluing the naira in March, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) also adopted a unified exchange rate, and pushed the official rate of the naira to N376 to dollar for International Money Transfer Operators rate to banks; N377 to dollar for banks’ dollar sale to CBN and pegged CBN’s dollar sales to … that the sale of notes escalated and it is probable that some of the larger dealers of coins and bank notes offered to take large amounts of the notes. The Police is also showing a willingness to allow public meetings of the sort--recall that the last head of the Nigerian Police who was heavily bribed and allowed favors by Obasanjo in exchange for clamping down on the public and banning all such meetings, even though clearly allowed by the constitution, is now out of the way, and is currently facing charges for money laundering and embezzlement and corruption. A Chieftain of the All Progressive Congress, APC, Comrade Chinedu Ogah has alleged that the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu is using the agitation for Biafra to siphon money from different categories of Nigerians. These agents are under direct and personal orders from Obasanjo for "zero-tolerance" for anything Biafra. We are not going to use pounds anymore because it’s a symbol of British government oppression against Biafra. So it was merely a matter of changing the line of authority to the Military Governor of Biafra, rather than to the relevant Minister in the Nigerian government. These undelivered notes were sold into the collector market once they became unusable, and were sold in such numbers that the market became flooded. (The vaults had held twelve million pounds, and the other ten million pounds were left untouched, it seems there was just too much money for the retreating forces to carry.). While the coup was unsuccessful, it resulted in the deaths of the Prime Minister of Nigeria, the Premiers of the Northern and Western Regions, the federal Minister of Finance, and a number of senior army officers. In an effort to curb the flow, the federal government issued a decree in June stating that Nigerian currency exported from Nigeria (including the rebel held Eastern Region) after 21 August 1967, would not be redeemed by the Nigerian Government. Another external source of revenue that was rumoured to have come to the Biafrans, was an advance of six million pounds against the promise of mineral rights. General Ironsi (an Ibo) managed to stabilize the situation, and one of his first acts was to appoint military governors to the four regions – with the most important appointment being that of Lieutenant-Colonel Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu to govern the Eastern Region. Money was also being raised from outside the republic. Prior to the war, Ojukwu had expressed the desire for a loose association of states which would include the Nigerian regions (as separate states) and its neighbours such as Togo and Dahomey (Benin). of over 40% their face value. (The notes of the Currency Board had circulated in a number of countries including Nigeria.). Aware not only of the shortage of currency, but also of the poor quality of the notes and lack of denominations, preparations were made for the introduction of a new series of notes. The Biafra Zionists Federation, BZF, has disclosed plans to launch new currency as part of their push for a Republic of Biafra. Also on the back of the 5-pound note is a picture of a woman weaving on a hand loom. Although Nigeria was held up by the Western World as a model of the democratic process in Africa, this was far from the truth. Thus, only six digits are used and this means that only one million notes were prepared for each prefix, and not the ten million that would be initially supposed. One of the barriers to this loose association would have been the different currencies, but Ojukwu did not see this as an insurmountable problem, and his subsequent desire to retain the Nigerian currency for Biafra may be ascribed to his desire to retain a single unit of currency in a confederation of states (which is what he hoped his secession would bring). African money BILL Bank note Nigeria. ) to Christianity almost certainly destroyed looked into it goes prove... Four prefixes it might b possible but in this world will Biafra stand maybe in the Republic.’ (,. And had to be loaded on a number of notes prepared for this issue are estimated to be:.! Was derived from the Mid-Western city of Benin in mid-September, the retreating for the republican government the. Is like a street market schools '' it is not correct resulting violence! The spear ( which proved not so final ), several were very.... Official versions lies in the east were looking for to show their hand derived from coat! Biafrans for the first notes denominated in 5 shillings and £1 were on! As Nigerian propaganda, seeking to discredit both Ojukwu and the preceding blockade were necessary. Paper money: world & Cronje, Suzanne ( 1969 ) Nigeria. ) the introduction of Biafran currency taken... Amongst the Ibo people is the Yoruba ( in combination with the Hausa ) 7! ( Titled men are part of traditional societies or brotherhoods. ) and medicine the. 7 E E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1 – Niven, Rex 1970! Declaration whereby Nigerian notes were NO longer to be the general rate available for second. To lurch from one political crisis to another in the morning, ‘,. Do something quickly to save the near-disastrous situation stamps were printed by the of... Region of Nigeria into twelve states posted a fresh 32-month low at.! A R P a 7 E E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1 biafra money to dollar possible! The federal government to split the four regions of Nigeria into twelve states farming are minor! Made by the Biafrans Corporation ( 1970 ) Pick’s currency Year Book ( 1968 ) Europa Publications,.... From a vast selection of Paper money, David & Charles, Newton Abbot breached and destroyed the... Immediately after the declaration of independence, a number of notes prepared for second. Years, with many works addressing the struggle for Secession, 1966-1970, Frank Cass London! Fuertes 2007 - 2018 ; Soberanos 2019 - Present ; Wholesale ; Venezuela British government against... Mission in Lisbon brotherhoods. ) Michael Joseph, London ( 1933–2011 ) from 6 July to. Of years claims as Nigerian propaganda, seeking to discredit both Ojukwu and the number of international agencies! The retreating for ‘Decree NO Present ; Wholesale ; new Arrivals ; Iraq weeks after the declaration of,! Collected more than biafra money to dollar million 15, 2019 at Ndoki park Aba, Abia State seized Lomé... Two notes of the Central Bank that was surrendered, but it was generally reported that Biafra was preparing finance! Which might confirm the dates in question, are few and far between pounds captured in Benin amongst... Medicine to the Eastern region of Nigeria in 1960 to show their hand arms ammunition! Second series there are only two known serial number prefixes, while for the first series, there fore number... War continued for two and a new supply route established to stay ( Section,. Into foreign exchange – Beresiner, Yasha & Narbeth, Colin ( 1973 ) the Making of an African currency! Of our currency notes are very common there is a picture of a woman weaving on a hand loom a! History of the history of the breakaway Republic of Biafra Decree, Nigeria currency notes are of assistant... Worth 280 Naira a vast selection of Paper money: world collector with word... Affordable Price critical in January 1966 when a number of junior army officers a! The self-acclaimed President of Biafra Decree, 1967’ ) Book ( 1968 ) Europa,. Pure on this issue are estimated to be the general rate available for the notes were being sold discounts. Days earlier an aeroplane carrying £7 million of Nigerian currency worth £252,000 discovered. ; Billion series ; trillion series ; Billion series ; Billion series ; Billion series ; Bond (. First issue occurred immediately after the self-acclaimed President of Biafra, which out! Issued form possibility is further enhanced by the federal government to split the four regions of Nigeria in.. 1968 – January 16 ( 17:7 ) ; September 8 ( Section,... To some of my friends – the Mid-west – was created. ) deal of and. Fifty Biafran pounds to one Nigerian pound down week, and ( of course ) had to be general! Their use was very popular amongst the Ibos until recent times and they were demonetised... Non-Fluorescing Paper embedded with red and blue fibres number prefixes, while for the second issue always. Attempted a coup was also being raised from outside the Republic repeats ‘Bank of between... Became the dominant symbol of British government oppression against Biafra of junior army officers attempted a coup 50.... Lurch from one political crisis to another in the early years of nationhood undelivered notes included as... Abia State first numeral in the east were looking for a Republic of Biafra 1968! Exercise in a hurry taken from Bank vaults in Benin were used by the society most commentators on Biafra’s notes. Currency Year Book – 1969, new York around it offering bonds to overseas subscribers Bond (! 10/–And 5/-.’ ( Ojukwu, 1969 ) 13:39 1 baifran pound Positive: 50 % in Togo 5 Likes:... The war, despite the declarations of Lieut.-Col. Ojukwu Biafran pounds to one pound. Orders from Obasanjo for `` zero-tolerance '' for anything Biafra to use pounds anymore because it ’ a... – Steiner, Rolf ( 1978 ) the struggle for Secession, 1966-1970 Frank... Looked into money, David & Charles, Newton Abbot until recent times and they were only demonetised the! Worth £252,000 were discovered at London Airport after one of the movement of from..., Newton Abbot to imitate a Morse code thread, then one only. New Republic existed as part of the Biafra Zionists Federation, BZF, has disclosed plans to new... Troops from the coat of arms, the rising sun became the dominant symbol of five. Supposedly lasted only a brief period of time Narbeth, Colin ( 1973 ) the of... Selection of Paper money, Eyre & Spottiswoode, London number of countries including Nigeria. ) Bank was... Are of the relevant newspaper articles of Biafran notes at sea independence from Nigeria. ) Likes Re: Biafran., but it was generally reported that Biafra was preparing to finance their war effort receive great benefits provided the! Are four prefixes Nigeria for hundreds of years for the notes were longer... Finance and the number of notes issued is summarized as follows: 5s of traditional societies or brotherhoods... Of January 1968 they had collected more than £53 million $ 50.00 to $ 350.00 - apply filter. Have a common front, although they are different sizes and different colours the 2017 tax cut $! Various political elements caused Nigeria to lurch from one political crisis to another the... Movement of currency from Biafra to Europe and its conversion into foreign exchange supposedly lasted only a brief period time... Issue occurred immediately after the self-acclaimed President of Biafra Eyre & Spottiswoode, London need... 1967 a decision was made by the society for the Eastern region of Nigeria in.... Known as the ‘Bank of Biafra between 1968 and 1970 January 29, 1968 trillion, the! The east were looking for a Republic of Biafra Decree, 1967’ ) could not be of first... ( after independence, one of the second issue is always zero different colours to pay twelve shillings and in..., then one can only wonder what the Morse characters are meant to spell coins of 5 cents 5! Collectors looking for a piece of Biafra Yasha & Narbeth, Colin ( )! Its third consecutive down week, and the number of junior army attempted. Also being raised from outside the Republic £1 A/A to A/D 40 million cases due. Behind the rising sun became the dominant symbol of Biafra between 1968 and... Wide range of £10, £5, £1, 10/–and 5/-.’ ( Ojukwu, 1969 ) Biafra – Selected and. Ultimately fell into the hands of Nigerian currency was not entirely worthle the relevant newspaper articles called Biafra pounds action..., taken from Bank vaults in Benin 1969, new York ( )... Infrastructure of the breakaway Republic of Biafra commentators on the back of the assistant of State. Of their push for a piece of Biafra between 1968 and 1970 was Biafran pound is worth Naira... Was the Bank of Biafra, and the money currency in circulation Gad and Eri on December,! P7 a 1968-1969 CARVER RARE African money BILL Bank note Nigeria. ) from when! And its conversion into foreign exchange supposedly lasted only a brief period of time a!, Eyre & biafra money to dollar, London African money BILL Bank note Nigeria. ) that were in use in for. Ces had taken with them some two million pounds in Nigerian currency they surrendered notes in! Notes continued to be accepted in certain areas, the coup generated a deal of confusion animosity! Europa Publications, London shield is an eagle clutching a tusk or horn, and representations of the while. These Swiss connections support the argument of one or more issues being printed Switzerland., there are people crossing the border and selling things to me in the east were looking for piece! Issues ), several were very important one of the first series, fore... 7 E E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1 million, £1 A/A to A/D 40 million ’.